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Lambretta documentary on Talking Pictures TV

Lambretta documentary on Talking Pictures TV
Lambretta documentary on Talking Pictures TV
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If you missed it first time, the Lambretta documentary on Talking Pictures TV is back for another screening this month.

The new date for the screening is Sunday 28th June 2020 at 10:30am. Not a bad time for most people as we all ease our way into the laziest day of the week.

It was actually a decent little documentary too, which surprised me a little if I’m honest, The doc was Italian, but subtitled and it told the story of the rise to significance of Lambretta in post-war Italy, its growth out of Italy, its heyday and its decline.

The latter down to the death of the company founder, his son’s focus on cars and a lack of the right innovation when it was required. You get the feeling that Lambretta (like Piaggio/Vespa) could have been contenders for many years after if the company had just changed its focus.

The story featured contributions from people who worked at Lambretta in the 1960s, as well as some expert comment, with plenty of archive footage too. Which is maybe what you want to hear and see.

If you have any interest in Lambretta this is a documentary you want to check out. Now you have plenty of notice (unlike last time) you have no excuse.

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