Lambretta LN scooter gets UK price

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We featured it at the back end of 2011, with the reception being 'mixed' (which is probably a generous assessment) Anyway, it now looks like the Lambretta LN scooter is ready for the UK, along with another Lambretta LS model.

Anyway, first up, that LN scooter. It looks to have landed at selected dealers ahead of the full launch. One of those being WK Bikes, which will has the LN 125 on display right now in its premises. There's also an LN 150 variation to follow later in the year. Both are 'twist and go' automatic scooters, mixing that with old school looks reminiscent of the original using plastic and metal. It's certainly going to have its fans…but that's unlikely to include traditionalists.

We originally said it was 'made in Italy by Motom Electronics Group SPA', but that's not actually the case. Some of the parts are Italian-made, but it is actually made and imported from Taiwan. That doesn't impact on cost though, with a hefty £3,300 being quoted for the LN 125. Ouch. Also, look out for a twin-seated LS scooter too – that's pictured over the page and will come in 50cc and 125cc models. It's likely to be cheaper, but not by much, we'd wager.

Lambretta website


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  1. Lambretta Consortium headquartered in Milan, Italy is initiating one of the largest trademark counter-infringement operations in recent history, by preventing the unlicensed LN125 and LS125 scooters entering the world market under the name Lambretta.
    “All importers/distributors engaged in the LN 125 /LS 125 must immediately cease and desist from distributing, marketing, offering for sale, advertising, ordering any product bearing the trademark LAMBRETTA”
    Here’s the official word from http://www.lambretta.com/

    • Morphius1403

      In all fairness that website is only the lambretta consortium whom only seem to want to put the lambretta badge on baseball caps, T-shirts and mousemats.  their legal claims are totally bogus as the UK would not allow these bikes to be sold unless they met all strict trademark conditions.  lambretta the motorcycle company is a totally different company than the lambretta consortium…   the lambretta consortium should stick to doing what they was created to do…  turn the lambretta badge into a marketable logo on anything other than a motorcycle….  many, many companies build lambretta models and now for the first time in decades an Italian company have decided to launch a new model of lambretta,  and because it’s a new model and not a GP,  they think they should examine it first…..  I am so excited about the first lambretta since 1987 (which was the indian lamby Polo,  prior to the lambretta consortium getting too big for their boots) I have ordered one….  looking forward to a lammy that might not break down as much lol,  and i can use as a run around…


  2. I think people need to realise that Lambretta is a model of scooter and not a brand. 90% of lambretta’s you see on the road are also not recognised by the lambretta consortium. the vast majority of lammy’s you see on the uk roads (which are still being built now in the UK) are old spanish GP frames (usually bought from the spanish post office) with indian rickshaw engines. If the lambretta consortium had their way (and the LCGB) there would be no more lambrettas manufactured by anybody. I think its great to see new scooter on the road bearing the name lambretta. and as a mod (modernist remember) we should embrace what is modern and in keeping with our traditions

    • Aye – I like the New Lambretta – I have no Scooter but I am a Mod *45yrs old* .
      Mods for a Modern world but not an Auto Scooter – I am confused.

      Yet Mods like Modern gadgets = Mobiles, Cars, Laptops etc
      As I like to be different and not the same as everyone else !
      I would have thought keeping the Mod movement alive would be more important
      than if you have an old or new scooter.
      I am going to do my CBT on a geared scooter if I can find a school with one and if I do not get on with it or fancy mixing my petrol etc – I will buy the new one put the mirrors etc on it. Become a 2012 Old Modern Mod.

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