Lambretta LN scooter ready for 2011

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Not long after the Vespa PX made a return, Lambretta is back too, specifically with the Lambretta LN scooter.

This new model is made in Italy by Motom Electronics Group SPA, a tribute to the original, but still its own scoot with a few more squared off edges than original models and a twin-valve, single-cylinder air-cooled engine in a choice of 125 or 150cc models. Plenty of colour options available too.


It's been shown off at trade shows, but right now, there's no indication of when it will land and indeed, how much the Lambretta LN scooter will retail for. It is a finished model though and a general '2011' has been thrown around. The purists will no doubt hate it, but as a mix of retro styling and modern scootering, you can see the Lambretta LN scooter doing swift business.

More images at the motoblog.it website


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  1. Cherrill Tyrer

    Honda Melody springs to mind.

  2. Rear end is nice – front is horrible!

  3. looks like a mcdonalds toy?

  4. its mudguard should be fixed, as that’s the identity of most vintage Lammy, this looks modern but i feel it should be made more slick like the “SX” models unless there are compartments storage on its front and under the seat. they should have shown its compartments as i dont think u can install an additional box compartment at the rear…

  5. tom mcguire

    Why are they trying to show the mechanical parts. That has always been the reason for buying a scooter and not a motorbike, all covered up, clean, and not like the greasy rocker next door! Someone has lost the plot, or really doesn’t understand the history.I had an LI125 in the sixties which was almost faultless, I am now 60years old am definitely in the market for a new Lambretta as a toy…..but not the new design……who will that appeal to? Not me nor my kids. If you would like help contact me….you need it!

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