Lambretta / The Who clothing range

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Townshend No, this isn’t a joke – Lambretta Clothing has teamed up with The Who (well, the remaining two members) to launch a 60s-inspired clothing range, as well as re-creating items worn by the band and an exact copy of the US army fishtail parka that appeared on the Quadrophenia album cover.

The Tribute Collection covers 16 styles and includes a parka, a jean and a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts – the usual rubbish basically, but featuring graphics relating to The Who.

The Iconic Collection, if subject to any kind of manufacturing quality control, could be interesting, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. These are garments re-created from items worn by the band in the 60s, which is claimed to include "Keith Moon’s fine gauge knitwear", a collection of vintage-styled shirts and matching ties, as well as that parka and Pete Townshend’s Union Jack blazer.

The Tribute gear will be in the usual Lambretta stores, the Iconic range "will target high profile stores that do not normally stock the main Lambretta collection". Make of that what you will. It’s all out in the autumn.

Lambretta Clothing website

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  1. Ok I may like the who and I may like Lambrettas (scooters) but a clothing brand using both icons, erm no thanks lol

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