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Latest BFI / Flipside DVD releases


We're big fans of both the BFI and the Flipside crew, so we're always looking forward to both the big screen presentations and the DVD/Blu-ray releases – and three new titles have just been announced for retail.

Yes, coming to both DVD and Blu-ray on 24th August 2009 are three more wonderfully obscure and overlooked British films come to DVD and Blu-ray – Herostratus, All the Right Noises and Man of Violence, all packed with extras and of course, featuring in-depth booklets offering backgrounds to the movies.

Rather than list all the details here, we've gone into in-depth detail about each release over at our Cinedelica site – just follow the link to find out about plots, disc details and all those lovely extras for each movie.

Find out more about the BFI Flipside releases at Cinedelica

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