Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud

Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud
Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud
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If you can’t get to a club, then perhaps a club can get to you via Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud.

And let’s be honest, there isn’t going to be much chance of getting to a club for most of us for quite some time. So making the best of it at home is all we can do.

Ever use Mixcloud? I seem to use it more and more all the time. There’s a variety of music on there, from bedroom mixes and radio shows through to DJ sets straight off the decks. Play it wherever it works for you, but if you have a streaming music player like a Sonos (for example) you can fill your house with music from Mixcloud, turning it pretty much into your own club. That’s what I do.

I’m thinking of putting together a round-up of the best streams and music makers for the site, as there are plenty to go at. Including Lee Miller.

A lot of you will know Lee. He’s been on the Mod scene since the 1980s and probably DJing for much of the intervening years too. He has an in-depth knowledge of Mod sounds, an ability to fill a dancefloor wherever he is spinning discs and above all else, he’s a really nice guy too.

DJs on the Mod scene come and go, some shout louder than others. But Lee is always a reassuring presence on the Mod circuit, from New Untouchables events to smaller local nights and a guarantee of a good night if his name is on the flyer.

Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud
Lee Miller’s Mod club sounds on Mixcloud


Which is why I am singling him out right now. A number of Lee’s DJ sets are available to listen to right now on Mixcloud, offering a taster of what he’s about. Essentially, dancefloor-friendly Mod sounds that are heavy on soul and R&B.

Some tunes you might know, others will be new to you. But all will have you shuffling your feet. If you just want some dance floor classics, have a listen to the Soul Clinic compilations, originally CDs that have been uploaded and packed with some of the most popular Mod club grooves of the past 10 or 15 years.

48 shows to choose from right now, which should keep you amused for some days to come. You can find them all on Lee Miller’s Mixcloud page.

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