Levi Vintage 1966 501 jeans

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If you're after something just a little more authentic in the denim department, Levi Vintage has reissued these 1966 501 jeans in limited numbers.

Made from Levi's 14oz selvedge denim, the 1966 501 has a regular fit with tapered knee, button fly and the usual Levi detailing. The one thing you'll either appreciate or hate is the finish – an 'archive wash' that gives a slightly (but not overly) used look to the new denim.

Available now, they sell for £139 per pair.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

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  1. jamie mac

    139 quid for a pair of jeans … cmon guys whos kidding who ?

  2. Who’s kidding who? We’re being kidded, that’s who. These are available at less than half that price in the USA. Why are we such mugs in the UK that we accept being fleeced?

  3. First up – they are Cone Mills Selvedge denim (as they were in 66) and so not just common or garden 501s. Secondly the cut is based on archive 66 jeans and are as true as you’ll get without original jeans from the era. In short – you’re getting more for your money than any old 501.
    They are not cheaper in the US. Truth be told they are hard to get in the US.
    The only hideous bit is the fact that the treated LVC don’t shrink to fit and therefore won’t take on your shape and look like they oughta. The ‘washed’ LVC should, IMO, be avoided.

  4. Just bought a couple of pairs at Macarthur Glen discount outlet in Ashford. £88 for two! They’re gorgeous. Much nicer than the standard 501s.

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