LG's 1960s-style Serie 1 TV


LG has gone back to the past for this modern-day Serie 1 television. But you might have to take a long trip of your own to get one.

A nice (and cheaper) alternative to other retro gems like the Brionvega Doney, Algol or Alpha, the Serie 1 ditches flat LCD screens, instead using CRT technology and a 4:3 aspect ratio for something that's both retro and just about usable in the modern era. Just as long as you don't mind a 14-inch screen. On the plus side, a digital tuner will at least give you all the channels (which can be viewed black and white with a touch of a button) and composite video connectivity means you can hook up a last-generation games console. The chrome legs and screen dials are a bit tasty too.

The LG Serie 1 sells for around £134 (approximately $216), but not in the UK. Right now it's Korea only – and no word of it heading this way. See another image of it over the page.

LG website (in Korean)

Via Retro To Go


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