Limited edition Lambretta helmets


Apparently, this is the official limited edition Lambretta helmet range, offered by Heritage Helmets and produced in Italy with Project SRI.

All are 'eco' leather-lined, open-faced helmets, with four designs specifically designed to compliment classic Lambrettas. The 'Bianco' and 'Nero' models both feature the number '47' within a target design (on white and black backgrounds respectively) to commemorate the first year of the Lambretta scooter's manufacture. The 'Union' uses the Union Jack (as you might have guessed), while the 'Britalia' mixes the Union Jack and Italian Tricolore flags.

Each helmet also comes with a 30-month manufacturer’s warranty and all of the designs meet European Road Safety Standards. £150 secures you one. More images over the page.

Heritage Helmets website





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  1. Looking to by one of these lambreta helmets in a medium the one with the goggles on

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