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Limited edition Quadrophenia print by Piper Gates Design

Limited edition Quadrophenia print by Piper Gates Design
Limited edition Quadrophenia print by Piper Gates Design
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I actually featured this in 2012, after which it sold out. But this Quadrophenia print by Piper Gates Design has been reprinted in 2020 in limited numbers.

10 copies of this Quadrophenia print were recently ‘found’ in the Piper Gates Design archive and sold off in seconds. The original batch didn’t last long either a few years back. With demand so high, Piper Gates Design has decided to do a second, limited edition run of the print. But once these 79 copies are gone, that’s it. No more.

Back in 2012, the print was described as a’ re-imagining of the out of print Alan Fletcher book tie-in’, with the original cartoon cover replaced with one inspired by Bruce Robertson’s cover of Scootering by Jon Stevens, throwing in a bit of pop art and the four personalities of Jimmy. The description is still suited to the reprint. Nothing much has changed. Well, one subtle different. The first run is signed ‘I. Percival’ and the second run ‘Ian Percival’ just so you know there’s a difference.

But this is still a 30x 40cm print on high-quality 250-gram silk paper and of course, limited in numbers to just those 79 units.

Cheap enough at just £13.99 if you get in quickly and ideal if you are a fan of the film or indeed, The Who.

Find out more at the eBay website

Note also that the Small Faces colouring book by Piper Gates Design is also available once more in limited numbers.

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  1. SuaveCollective

    Thats really nice! Much better than the actual book cover for sure…and that of the DVD for that matter!

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