Limited edition The Action turntable mat

Limited edition The Action turntable mat
Limited edition The Action turntable mat
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Not a lot of these around so if you want a limited edition The Action turntable mat, get in as quick as you can.

Regular readers might recall The Action posters by the same people – which didn’t last long at all. Many people were left disappointed, so don’t make the same mistake this time. Although I imagine that demand for a spilt is slightly less than a poster. Not everyone has a deck to decorate, but everyone has a wall.

But if you do have a turntable and a love of The Action, have a look at this. A classic promotional image of the iconic Mod band, made of 21oz felt and all approved by Roger Powell. So this is official merchandise.

Note also that 50% of the profit is being donated to the National Autistic Society. So you are doing some good as well as improving your record deck too.

They coat £7.99 each and they are available from the Vinyl Revival website.

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