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Love Shepherd in Manchester

will turn into the psychedelic underground on May 5th when the mysterious Love Shepherd rolls into town. Where other psych influenced nights have been dubbed as too self indulgent or worse still, cliquey, Love Shepherd is promising something else. A wild night of dancing for anyone who wants it.

One of the flock, Lee Janda says “It’s not about who has the rarest misprint record… it’s about dancing and music, not stamp collecting”.

The night will be held at the Dry Bar on Oldham Street, which in recent years has had a dodgy reputation, but it would seem that the new crowd in there have cleaned up the clientele and are welcoming the new 60’s heads in. It would seem that the venue is no longer desperate to cling to its Madchester roots, and now opting for the exciting sounds of psychedelia, mod R’n’B, kraut, garage punk, acid folk, prog and country, brought by the six DJ’s of Love Shepherd.

Lee Janda added that “Although it’s a strictly vinyl only affair, we want to stay away from the pretentiousness that some nights suffer from, but by the same token, I don’t want someone turning up playing off a fuckin’ Ipod like someone I played with recently” he continued “What we’re after is an all inclusive night that gets everyone in – dancing – as opposed to a room full of chin strokers”.

The night is also going to have eye melting visuals, brain frying sounds and a good friendly crowd. With it being in the basement of the Dry Bar, the night should have a great little atmosphere and a killer selection of tunes “some you know, some you’ll want to get to know better” added another ‘herder Mof Gimmers.

Love Shepherd will take place the first Friday of every month.

Tim Watkinson

Web: www.myspace.com/loveshepherd
Email: [email protected]

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