Mikkel Rude 60s-style shirts


There's a lot of choice when it comes to buying a 60s-style shirt these days – and you can add Mikkel Rude to that list.

According to the man himself (a long-time mod), the shirt range os one design in 9 different 60s-inspired fabrics, all with v-cut sleeve, button on the rear of the collar, box pleat and darts, with one distinctive detail of its own – a very pointed button-down collar (as well as the fabrics, all exclusive to Rude).

The shirts are available in very limited numbers and will be sold in the coming months in Oi Polloi in Manchester, American Classics in London, Storm in Copenhagen, Flying A in New York and Martin C. in Paris. Or you can pick one up online – yours for £65.

Find out more at the Mikkel Rude website

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  1. Mikkel Rude’s shirts are top notch, I own 3 myself and am very happy with them. The fit is perfect for ladies and men, and it is obvious how much love and time has gone into the production of these shirts. Keep them coming 🙂

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