Mini creates the 'mod' electric scooter

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Big thanks to Chuck Dicken, who spotted this over on the Der Spiegel site – the news that BMW's Mini offshoot is moving into the scooter market. Specfically the electric scooter market.

As you can see from the image above, the company has already given the 'mod treatment' to one of its new bikes, described as 'a new generation of scooters', which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. The mod version is described as the 'Anglophile' and is being pitched at 'modern-day mods'.


Sadly, there isn't a large image of the mod bike, so above is one of the others, so you get an idea of shape. Essentially all are similar, with small wheels, Mini-like, ball-shaped headlights and switches, an oversized speedometer and a charging plug that can be pulled out of the scooter's body. The scooter also has a number of small storage compartments for sunglasses, mobile phones etc.

Speed-wise, you'll not get much above 31mph with the electric engine and the maximum distance between charges is around 62 miles. There's also a slot for an iPhone that serves as the on-board computer, navigation system and jukebox.

No news of when you'll see one. If there's interest, 'within a few years' has been quoted. So don't expec t to be hurling abuse at one for some time yet.

Mini website

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  1. Mod scooter? Mod? looks like a souped up vacuum cleaner to me.

  2. why bother with this, just get the new lambretta, much better looking.

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