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Mister Jericho reissued on DVD

Misterjericho Fans of the Avengers might be interested in the DVD re-release of the movie Mister Jericho starring Patrick Macnee, unseen since first shown on ITV in 1969.

Directed by Sidney Hayers (who also did The Persuaders) and written by Philip Levene (The Avengers) and with a Laurie Johnson score,  Mister Jerico has Patrick Macnee starring in a typically 60s tale of double identity and diamond theft.

Dudley Jerico (Patrick Macnee) sets out to rob corrupt millionaire Victor Rosso (Herbert Lom), of his legendary Gemini diamond. Rosso is obsessed with obtaining the stone’s twin so Jerico obtains a perfect copy of the stone as part of his plan to swindle Rosso. But before he can fleece him a mysterious woman from Paris called Mademoiselle Claudine (Connie Stevens) appears, claiming she has the twin Gemini diamond. Rosso knows that one of them is lying, but which one..?

Along with the movie, extras include two Patrick Macnee interviews (from 1986 and 1997), along with a Herbert Lom interview from 1982. It’s available from 28th August 2006 – Amazon are doing pre-orders for it at just £7.50.

More on the film at Amazon.co.uk

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