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Mod Revival club in Belfast

An ’80s mod revival club has started up in Belfast.Mod_revival_2

Bought to you by members of the Solid Bond Scooter Club (who formed last year), ’80s Mod Revival Club is a monthly affair starting on June 7th and then runs every first Saturday. DJ Paul Williams brings you the best of mod revival, ska, northern soul, new wave, and Motown. Admission is £5 entry.

’80s Mod Revival Club
1st Saturdays from June 7th, £5 entry
@ The Pavilion Bar, Ormeua Road, Belfast

For more on the night and the scooter club visit the Sold Bond website here.

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  1. 'G' Gerard Williams

    Shout out to the mods who hung around Beechmount in ’79 – ’83, or was it ’84?
    Feckin’ old age… wha’ was that?
    If anyone remembers that far off misty time please drop me a line.

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