Mod-themed Shindig! out this week

Mod-themed Shindig! out this week
Mod-themed Shindig! out this week
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It isn’t all mod, but the new mod-themed Shindig! definitely has a strong appeal in that direction.

It’s officially on the shelves on Thursday (although you can order it online now if you don’t have a local seller), but we have full details of just what is inside right now (due to having a copy in my hand).

Of course, the Small Faces are the cover stars of this particular issue, with a celebration of Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake inside. The album celebrates 50 years, with this 10-page feature looking at the story around the album and the upcoming anniversary issue. More on that a little down the line from this particular site.

Also in here is The Action, with an equally wonderful 9-page feature on the band ahead of the upcoming Shadows & Reflections box set, as well as a lengthy page on the underrated Manfred Mann.

Oh and much more too, especially if you musical taste tends to expand beyond the traditional mod sounds, along with the usual news and reviews. Basically, this is well worth picking up.

Out now, you can get it from decent newsagents and record stores or just order a copy online and get it delivered.

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