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Mod bands – tell us about yourselves

Fancy telling the Mod world about your band? It’s easy – just email us your band’s details (enough to put together a new piece), a photo and a link to a website where people can hear your music (MySpace etc) and we’ll do the rest, featuring you on the site frontpage and in the music section.

The only conditions are:
1. Bands with an appeal to the mod scene only please.
2. Make sure you send adequate details about your band and its history, or we’ll not be able to write anything about you.

You can get in touch about this or send any other news story to:
[email protected].

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  1. My band, Gaijin A Go-Go, seems to have a mod contingent that comes to our shows in New York. Our music is definitely rooted in soul – classic line up of three female singers, organ, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, three horns – but it is too deconstructed with J-Pop to be pure soul music. And the lyrics are mostly in Japanese which is why we made two CDs for Sony Japan. We make all our own clothes just like the Who used to however! In addition to the website, we have a MySpace page with downloads.

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