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Mod night in Argentina!

Argmod I’m featuring this on the frontpage because this is the first time I’ve heard of a mod event in Argentina – unless you know different?

The Bridge Mod Club
corrientes 4129 
Buenos Aires

Time: 12:00 until 4am
Admission:  $8
Resident DJ: Matias (The Bridge)
Music policy:  60s r&b, soul, modern jazz and ska. 

A website for the club will appear soon, but if you want to know more about the night or the scene in Argentina, contact Matias at [email protected]


  1. Lady Astor

    I used to host mod nights in Buenos Aires back in 1998. Also writing for Dansette fanzine and a 60´s Direction in the UK and Pelle Nera in Italy. Nancy Soultastic from California Soul Society came to our parties and legendary bands Menos que Cero, Los Grillos and Los Peyotes were staples.
    I live in Barcelona since 2002
    Love guys!
    Keep the torch burning!

  2. DJ Brian Oblivion

    I will be in Buenos Aires from August 2-9 2008. Is this listing for the BA Mod club still valid? I would like some other info (records/clothes/etc..)from those in the know. Cheers!

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