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Modculture 10th anniversary event


There's nothing quite like planning ahead – and with Modculture celebrating 10 years of wasting everyone's working days and as a side issue, keeping the world updating to what's going on in the world of mod, it might be time to plan something to celebrate/commiserate this fact. Yes, 10 years – doesn't time fly? That image above is the site from 2000, you might recall.

Although we've got a few ideas floating around, the one overriding suggestion right now is to put on some kind of event, probably in the first quarter of 2010. Probably in Manchester and likely to be some kind of allnighter with a welcoming door policy and perhaps a daytime event on the Saturday or Sunday as a social/meet-up for anyone travelling.

So we're looking for your feedback. Would you be interested in such an event? Would you come along? And if you did, is there anything you would like to be part of it? You can have your say on the forums, drop us a line via the 'contact us' button or add a comment below. We'll take the feedback on-board, then work out if a strictly one-off event is viable and what it would consist of.

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  1. im 14 but into the mod scene big time. i was thinking could u have an event down the south aswell so i would be able to go maybe like brighton the home of the mods. u could have an auction like thing so people like me could be mod clothing etc
    many thanks

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