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Modculture clubs section relaunches


It's not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but the first stage of the new clubs section is now live.

If you've been following the site recently, you'll know I didn't really rate the old listings, so instead, I've been asking club promoters to answer a list of questions which should give an in-depth understanding of what each club is about. The first of those are now online, with other being added over the next 48 hours (so keep checking).

If your club isn't there, it's because you've not asked for the questions or not returned them (aside from the ones awaiting uploading). Get in touch if you haven't had them or please send them back if you have. Also note that the new guide will be worldwide, so even if you're outside the UK, you are welcome to be listed.

This new take on clubs will be updated regularly, so should prove a very detailed listing of where to go and when. Oh yes – all old listings have now been deleted to avoid confusion.
Modculture clubs section

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