Our podcast – get your band featured

New bands on Modculture – it’s the boggest saga since – well since anything really. But now it’s been simplified and will all be bundled into a high-profile podcast.

Podcast – a selection of tracks all joined together as one big MP3 file and available to download to anyone’s PC.

The plan now for new bands is simple – we’ll do a monthly podcast of new bands – 10 bands, 1 track each, available (I hope) through iTunes (free of charge to all obviously), with details on each band posted on the Modculture site.

Get your band involved:
Here’s what you need to do. You’ll need one original (no covers) track on MP3 (128kb). Send that over to [email protected] (keep trying if inbox is full) and if you cut it, you’ll get on the podcast. I’ll get back to you for more details for the web – and hopefully you’ll get your music heard by a very wide audience.

Forget record labels, you don’t need them to reach out to a mass audience. All you need is a good track.

Any questions or of you’re having problems sending tracks, email me at [email protected].

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