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Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell

Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
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In the first of a new series, we invited top tunesmith Paul Orwell to fill his imaginary Modernist Jukebox with 20 defining tracks. Check them out plus a Spotify playlist of the majority of the tunes selected.

Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell

The Syndicats – Crawdaddy Simone
Sinister sixties Meek gold at it’s finest, compressed machine gun drums.

The Small Faces – Understanding
The local boys doing what they do best, My mum used to see them live back in the day. This track for me is just fantastic… Small Faces always have a way to make ya feel alright.

Spencer Davis Group – I’m A Man
From the first note to the last note, it’s pure cool vibes. All of the early Spencer 45’s have that, but this tops it for me.

Fleur De Lys – Circles
It may be an obvious choice, but I don’t care..THAT GUITAR!

St Louis Union – Eastside Story
Moody mod, grooving gangster, dark and tasty, a great slice of 66.

Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell

Sharon Tandy – Hold On
Sexy vocals + Fleur De Lys on backing + epic violent guitar breaks = GENIUS

The Creation – Making Time
I love this song, starts so clean then finishes so filthy.

Kris Ife – Hush
For me this is the best version of Hush. The most powerful version.
You could play this anywhere and it would sound amazing.

The Movement – Tell Her
A fantastic cover full of fuzz. A real fast 60’s dancer.

Thane Russal – Security
I was blown away when I first heard this Otis cover. I doesn’t get old for me.

Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell

The Birds – Say Those Magic Words
YES! My most prized 45. Every Birds 45 is amazing full of attitude.

The Eyes – You’re Too Much
This is track has not dated at all… cool as the day it was recorded.

John Mayall – I’m Your Witchdoctor
This song just screams…”Evil bliss”.

The Sneekers – Bald Headed Woman
1964!!! 1964!!! The filthiest song of 1964.

The Flies – I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
Serious track & the best version of the song in my ears.

Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell
Modernist Jukebox: Paul Orwell

The Mickey Finn – Night Comes Down
Talmy productions did some of the best 60s tracks, so vicious.

Jimmy Winston – It’s Not What You Do
My Mums old mate used to go out with Jimmy in the early 60’s when he was still in the Small Faces. I love this record.

Big Boy Pete – Cold Turkey
How can you get them sounds from a guitar! Pete Miller was responsible for the first freakbeat psych track in 65. This is an alias under the name Big Boy Pete.

Winston G – Judge and Jury
What a B side. It’s a hit record.

The Action – I’ll Keep On Holding On
Another classic cover. It doesn’t need big fuzz guitars or shouting to sound cool… instead it gets under your skin and makes you move.

Fancy checking out the tunes? Well, (almost) all of the tracks are on the Paul Orwell Modernist Jukebox Spotify Playlist, which you can access below. Or failing that, get crate digging or check out eBay.

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  1. Great selection, it is ‘Birds Birds’ though and not ‘The Birds’. 😉

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