Modernist t-shirts website

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Just been sent the link to Modernist t-shirts, so thought it a good idea to pass said website on.

Based in Australia, it sells (as you might have guessed) t-shirts, some of which have a mod-friendly twist. Like the one above for example, which is a one-colour screenprint 'inspired by the 1960s album Ready Steady Go!' (their words, not mine – sure I've seen the image somewhere else, but the brain cells can't quite place it right now).

Anyway, check out that and the others online. The above sells for $45 (Australian) and shipping is worldwide.

Modernist t-shirts website

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  1. The image is from “5 4 3 2 1 Go, The Countdown Compilation”. I’m pretty sure I have it on vinyl somewhere in the attic… 🙂

  2. Yep thats the comp indeed got Aus Mod Band Stupidity on it

  3. You are right it is from that comp. I think the image was taken from an old stockings add?

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