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Mods features in The Chap magazine

Mods features in The Chap magazine
Mods features in The Chap magazine
Note that I independently write and research everything in this article. But it may contain affiliate links.

Thanks to Adrian for tipping me off about the Mods features in The Chap magazine.

I’ve subsequently picked up the magazine, the first time I’ve ever actually seen a copy. That’s perhaps tor good reason. In the past, the magazine was less-than-serious and seemed to focus very much on the OTT ‘gent’ look inspired by the Victorian era.

But in more recent times, The Chap has had a revamp. Yes, the focus is still heavily towards vintage, but the scope is broader and the features more serious and in-depth. The current issue (Spring 2018) is a decent read if you have a wider vintage interest, but the Mods articles are probably why you will consider buying.

First up is a photoshoot based around the Jump The Gun store on Brighton, covering around 11 pages and focusing on the clothing in the store, Its a great ad for the shop, obviously, but it’s also nicely done and well photographed. The image above is one shot from it.

The second article is a part of an ongoing ‘style tribes’ series, this one looking at the period from Mods to Suedeheads. That covers five pages or so and while you probably won’t learn too much you don’t already know, it’s a nice rad nonetheless.

You can pick up the magazine from The Chap website or you can always try before you buy at somewhere like WH Smiths.

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