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Mojo To-Go-Go in Brighton

Brighton seems to be benefiting from a plethora of decent ’60s clubs recently, and Mojo To-Go-Go looks to be keeping the quality high.Mojotogogo

Having started last year and moved around venues at first, the club has settled into a residency at the Hanway Ballroom every 4th Friday of the month. Your hosts are DJs Diablo and El Hammondo, who spin original 45s of soul, ska, r’n’b, Motown, boogaloo, garage, psych, and general mod classics. A weekend in the sun most definitely starts here…

Mojo To-Go-Go
4th Fridays (25th July, 22nd August, 26th September, and so on)
@ Hanway Ballroom, 83 St. Georges Road, Brighton, BN2 1EF
9.00pm-2.30am, £5 in
Mojo To-Go-Go Myspace page is here.


  1. The Venue for Mojo is actually the “Hanbury Ballroom” in Kemp Town not “Hanway” in case anyone has had problems finding it! It’s definitely worth the walk…

  2. Mark Roberton

    Mojo-2-Go-Go is an excellent event – the DJ’s know their stuff and mix it up to keep it varied and interesting. Smart for dancing too, because they’ll say, play a ska set that keeps a section of fans skanking for 20 minutes or more, and same with other genres. It’s all from the later sixties, and if you think you know music – they’ll keep you asking “what is THIS gem??”
    More fun to dress for the occasion, and you see loads of people looking great, just like swingin’ ’65. Mary Quant and Twiggy, Lionel Bart and Manfred Mann…they would all fit in, and it might really be them! Fab, and gear night out.

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