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Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London

Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London
Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London
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It opens today and if you are able to get there, the Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London looks well worth checking out.

Taking place at the Jewish Museum from 31 March to 19 June 2016, it is described as ‘a journey from tailoring workshops to the boutique revolution and mod culture of the swinging ‘60s.’

The exhibition covers the ‘menswear revolution’ over a 150-year period; from the 19th century formal silhouette through to the post-war period when young men stopped dressing like their fathers, becoming detail-obsessed mods or flamboyant peacocks.

You can discover more about menswear in the ‘60s, explore the emergence of the mod movement and the ‘fashion revolution’ that made Carnaby Street famous. Clothes on display of course, including luxury clothes designed by Mr Fish, plus fashion, photography and memorabilia including John Lennon’s Cecil Gee suede jacket.

There are a few extra events too. Curator’s Talks on Mondays 11 April, 9 May and 13 June (2 – 2.30pm), an evening lecture called ’Suit: The History Of An Idea’ (14 April), a tie workshop (10 April), a menswear study day (3 May) and a Counter-Culture Late Opening, with music, talks and fashion-related activities. That’s on 19 May.

If you want to see all the details of those, you can download the exhibition leaflet as a PDF or you can see the exhibition page here. Admission is £7.50, possibly more for the events.

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