Motown with Martin Freeman

Martin News reaches the Modculture desk about a new series of Motown compilations called "Motown Made To Measure" – where a selection of musicians, actors and DJs pick their favourite Motown moments, along with a commentary (not between tracks thankfully) describing why they like them so.

First up is former Office-boy Martin Freeman, who picks 20 of his faves for a compilation due for release on 6th February 2006. Having seen the tracklist, it’s a fair sprinkling of 60s and 70s highlights, with few real surprises. Still – there’s no point being too clever with these things.

The downside is yet another interview/sleevenote from Paolo Hewitt – who seems to be on everything these days. Let’s hope we reach saturation point sooner rather than later.

Other editions are due to follow in June and October. Should be an interesting series if they choose the candidates wisely.

Bonus Martin Freeman fact: His first Motown purchase was "Mod Classics Volume One". Obviously a man who likes a bargain!

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