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Moving Sounds release 2nd album

Movingsounds Sweden’s excellent Moving Sounds release their second album on the copaseDisques label on September 15th, going under the title of Ground Shaker.

The album was recorded at Toe Rag Studios in London. With the Swedish band is well known for their authentic – but by no means dusty – hammond fuelled, fuzzed up 60s sound and Toe Rag known for their original 60s equipment and top notch producers, you can guess what kind of album resulted out of this liaison.

And if you want an idea, check out their MySpace area now for a preview of some tracks. The band is currently on a tour in Germany to promote this spanking brand new album. For details of other shows, check their website.

Listen to Moving Sounds on MySpace

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  1. paul from belfast

    thought the first album was good but very short,this one with liam watson at the controls should see the band step up a gear…i shall be buying it….

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