New Ace Records releases

It’s probably fair to say that ‘various artists’ rhythm & blues compilations are not issued with enough regularity to satisfy most blues fans (often insatiable) appetites. So when one does get released it is always worth stopping and taking note. Ace Records can always be relied upon to anthologise the output of great, small US labels, and this is what they are now doing with Dolphin. Dolphin

On With The Jive! 1950s R&B From Dolphin’s Of Hollywood Volume 1‘ is Ace’s first release since acquiring the rights to the back catalogue of John Dolphin’s many labels based in downtown LA. This first volume, compiled by Tony Rounce, contains many unreleased versions of songs released on the Dolphin of Hollywood label. Pure, unadulterated west coast r’n’b joy!

Also, 2008 sees the 20th anniversary of Eddie Piller’s Acid Jazz label, and Ace Records imprint BGP continue their repackaging of the labels best and most important work with the release of an extended version of The James Taylor Quartet album ‘In The Hand Of The Inevitable‘. The label’s biggest signing and the band biggest album, it contains a number of modern soul classics that still get played out today (e.g. ‘Stepping Into My Life’). If you haven’t heard it before then perhaps now is the time to check its fine pedigree out.

On With The Jive! was released on Monday and is available from here

In The Hand Of The Inevitable was also released on Monday and is available here.

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