New Acid Jazz Rare Mod releases

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We've been flagging up the Rare Mod series of EPs from Acid Jazz for some time now – in fact, the next one is EP number seven. To celebrate, there's a new box set out, a collector's EP and a CD compilation of the range.

Let's start with the CD first. That's called EP Choice, featuring 24 tracks previously featured on the EPs, essentially offering the music for those who don't necessarily want to collect the vinyl (not everyone has a recored player these days). The Richard Kent Style, Steve Marriott, The Muleskinners, The Clique, The Fleur de Lys, Sharon Tandy… you know the score, All on a single CD, complete with a full-colour 20page booklet.

The release date is December 12th, with Amazon doing pre-orders now for £10.64.

On top of that, for anyone who hasn't been collecting, is the 7×7 Complete Box Set. All seven EPs and a 20-page booklet. Amazon has a page for that, but no price or release date. Definitely in December of January though.

Finally, for those of you who have been collecting is the Hitsville Collector's Box. That's the seventh EP only (Graham Dee's Hitsville London EP), shrink-wrapped with the empty box and booklet. Like the other box, it's a limited edition. It should be out in January, see here for more details when they're available.

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