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New band: Houdini Dax

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Wales seems to be the place to look for new bands right now, in particular the See Monkey Do Monkey label. That label was responsible for The Method’s Dissidents and Dancers album and is also the place where you’ll find Houdini Dax.

Houdini Dax are a band that will make you feel old. They don’t look old enough to be in a band, let alone a pub (although they certainly are). But despite that, they’re a band that knows its music, influenced by classic sixties beat, later garage and with some modern-day indie influences.

See below for the video of Robin You Lie and look out for the album You Belong To Dax Darling on 20th June 2011. We might even review it beforehand. The band’s website is here if you want to know more.

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  1. Ian Hobley

    have you lot not notice New Street Adventure? They are by far the best band out there at the moment.

  2. We featured them a year or more back. No point repeating ourselves.

  3. Ian Hobley

    Jesus – they’re a far different band now!!
    A 9 piece soul band not a 3 piece like in your post.
    Just seems a bit silly not to look at them cos they’re gonna be huge

  4. Good luck to ’em. Heard the recent stuff and to be honest, not my cup of tea. Sure they don’t need my words of encouragement though.

  5. Ian Hobley

    didn’t realise it’s all about what your cup of tea is…other people should be allowed to hear it to make up their own mind

  6. With all due respect, this is a private website that features the opinions of the contributors to it. Think you’ll find that’s the case with most sites. If you want it any differently, contribute rather than criticise.

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