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New band: Les Bof!

Les Bof!
"Fancy a good old Dutronic garagie yeye sound?" enquire new band Les Bof!.

Well if you do these Edinburgh-based men are the ones to provide it. Frenchman in exile Laurent sings in his native language a succession of garage, beat and yéyé songs, both covers and some exquisite originals. The experienced group of musicians have the mid-60s sound down to a tee, and have set alight a succession of clubs and festivals alike in the past year. Their debut EP is well worth seeking out if you are after something a bit different from the normal 'garagie' fare.

The band are playing alongside a host of other garage bands are the inuagral Blast Off! Festival in Nottingham in early July, organised by the people behind the Lava Lounge club there.

Listen to Les Bof! on Myspace here or visit their official site here .

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