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New band: MiRi May

MiRi May
MiRi May

Fans of late ’60s psychedelia might want to give MiRi May a listen.

Remember Jacco Gardner, who we featured a few weeks back? Well, he’s brought his authentic psych sound to MiRi May’s material too.

Yes, Mr Gardner is the producer here for the 23-year-old Spanish singer’s debut efforts, although as yet, you can’t get them on vinyl. You can, however, download both tracks via Bandcamp. The idea seems to be to get a label to release on record sometime later.

You might know the lead track, as Five O’Clock World has previously been recorded by The Vogues, Noel Deschamps and Julian Cope. You Are My Angel is a lesser-known cover, originally recorded by Los Monjes.

Anyway, you can stream the tracks below. You can buy the download here or you can check out MiRi’s Facebook here.

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  1. Gazhill80

    i like it!

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