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New band: Nicole Willis

Ah yes, another female ‘retro-soul’ singer appears on our doorstep. But Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators are no cash-in, just a very talented band.

Hailing from Finland, Willis has the sort of modern soul voice which unites the nu-soul and 60s soulie crowd. The production on tracks like ‘If This Ain’t Love’ and ‘Feeling Free’ is straight out of the late-60s/early-70s textbook, mixing northern soul, soul-jazz, funk, and disco with ease. Whilst it isn’t particularly original it is very accomplished, thanks greatly due to the wonderful nine-piece band The Soul Investigators. Debut album Keep Reachin’ Up is available now on Timmion Records, with a new record expected next year.

You can hear more from Nicole and the band on their Myspace page here and website here. Alternatively just sit back and watch her latest video below…

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  1. Fantastic on CD. Live – not so great. I saw her at the Cargo club a while back – it sounded like she’d sacked her studio band and hired a bunch of students.
    They looked like they couldn’t believe that they were on the same stage as such a great voice.
    If you’re listining out for Finnish acts, by the way, check out the Five Corners Quintet – Straight Ahead jazz and a must for any half-decent mod (or in my case, ageing ex-mod)

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