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New band: The Attention!

Modculture has been searching for another wild blues band for a while and we think we have found a great one: The Attention!The Attention!

The Vienna-based five-piece remind us a lot of Sweden's The Vanjas, and having seem that lot live in the flesh this is great news for us all. You can hear a lot of '90s beatsters The Kaisers in there, as well as the '60s R&B of The Pretty Things and countless other Brit bands of the era. The band encourage us to 'Shimmynize' to their infectious beats and get busy with our feet. We are happy to oblige frankly. The blues-wailin' continues on 'Kaisers Dance' which contains some super chanting/harmonising, while instumental 'Beat Machine' suggests an excellent lost '65 Yardbirds B-side has been found and recycled.

Regular performers in their native Austria and bordering countries, they make their way over to England in May in perform. We are assured the dancefloor is always full when The Attention! are on…

You can hear The Attention! and their soulful rock'n'roll on their Myspace page here.

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  1. this is indeed a nice new combo. d’love to see them in spain.

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