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New band: The Bidons

The Bidons
The Bidons
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Short, sweet and to the point – that’s what you get with The Bidons.

I don’t know much about the band, expect what landed in my inbox this weekend. That informed me that the band are out of southern Italy and have a new album (fairly) recently released, going by the name of ‘Granma Killer!!!’

It’s ’60s-style garage in its truest sense. All the songs are high tempo, designed to be played loud and never outstay their welcome. There’s even a couple of covers on there, including a decent take on The Strangeloves’ Night Time.

The Bidons
The Bidons

If you want first hand experience of that, the album is on Bandcamp, which means you can stream it in full and if you like, you can download or order a physical copy. Feel free to leave an opinion below.

You can also network with the band via Twitter and Facebook. The Bandcamp page is here.

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