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New band: The Caper Story

Here's a brand new band who we think you should be very excited about: The Caper Story.The Caper Story

Our excitement levels are high because it contains a multinational line-up of musicians cultivated from London's mod/60s scene. The two Swedes, two Italians and a German are simply friends who have decided to make music together because they can. 

Singer Marcus is known for his DJing skills at Hard As Nails, and his full-throated vocals really stamp an identity on the bands' garage/blue-eyed soul sound.

The demos of 'Foundation', with its driving and insistent beat, sings about the joys of music, whilst 'Hands Up' spirals skywards in a swirl of primal urges. Expect them to heavily push this sexy sound through regular live performances this coming year. Make sure you don’t miss them.

You can here The Caper Story at their Myspace page here.

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