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New band: The Executioners

Now far be it for us to cast aspersions on the youth of Britain today, but there’s not many of them out there keeping the garage flame alive. Despite the success of The Horrors, we don’t often find many decent bands following in their well-groomed wake. If such a sentiment strikes a chord with you, then take heart in us discovering The Executioners.The_executioners

The Leeds four-piece are a band with a philosophy. They “don’t release records, don’t have T-shirts you would like to buy, don’t have good manners, and don’t care (being a band of jackasses and born losers)”. What they definitely do have though is thoroughly nasty Back From The Grave-style garage punk songs with plenty of wyld fuzz. ‘Run And Hide’ and ‘Don’t Give Me No Lip’ sound like unreleased monsters from 1965, whilst ‘The Kreeper’ and ‘Death Shaker’ are surf-punk songs that probably live in a basement existing on a diet of nothing but Dave Allen And The Arrows. Put simply, The Executioners are the best new garage band in Britain right now. Go listen to them on Myspace page, and download the songs available. New material is promised soon too. They don’t do many gigs (that name might have something to do with it), so catch them live where and when you can.

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