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New band: The Shook-Ups

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Nice to discover an interesting new band by accident, as I just did with The Shook-Ups (with a little help of a gig I was sent to plug!)

The band are out of the Liverpool / Wigan area and are made up of ex-members of local bands Moco, The V.C.s, The Stags, Filthy Romance and Doktor Combover. The V.C.s are a band I saw live some time back and were superb. The new band could be just as good. They specialise in noisy (but tuneful) 60s-style garage. If that sounds like your thing, check out the Soundcloud page for a set of tunes, including a nice take on The Magic Touch.

Or see MySpace for upcoming gigs. One of those is flyer’d above, The Go-Go! 11th Birthday Bash on Saturday 7th May. It’s Downstairs @ Studio 24, Calton Road, Edinburgh, with Tall Paul & Big Gus! playing garage, soul, mod, freakbeat and girl group sounds. Admission is £7/5, £3 before 11pm and the band is on at Midnight.

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  1. Nathan Harris

    Saw New Street Adventure play the 100 Club last Thursday – incredible live band. Anyone else see them?

  2. David Walker

    Aaahh…another comment about this band, different name, but the same IP address!! You might want to think about that the next time to you post a pointless comment about your band. Not exactly making you popular with this site either.

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