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New British film: Clubbed

A new British film Clubbed, set in the early 1980s, has a very intriguing soundtrack we felt you should know about.

The plot of the film is essence the story of a lost factory worker seeking redemption in the murky world of nightclubs and gangland. It stars Mel Raido as the central character (best known for his recent work depicting Harry Roberts in the ITV series He Kills Coppers). You can see the trailer for the film below. As a description ‘gritty’ pretty much covers it.

What is of most interest, however, is the soundtrack, which features a selection of ska, northern soul, and funk classics. Of the former you get to hear songs by Jackie Mittoo, Roland Alphonso and Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers, and for the latter we get to hear some obscure sounds by acts such as Bob Relf, Sam Dees, Carol Anderson, Bobby Hutton, Tony Cook, Bobby Purify, Lorraine Johnson, Dorothy Norwood, and David Batiste.

The film is released in the UK and across Europe on January 16th 2009. You can visit the official movie site here.

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