New compilation: Dirty Mod (Well Suspect Records)

by Modculture 24 May, 2016

New compilation: Dirty Mod (Well Suspect Records)

New compilation: Dirty Mod (Well Suspect Records)

Seems an odd title, but I guess Dirty Mod makes sense when you read the context.

Essentially it’s the sound of packed rhythm and blues clubs of a bygone era. Or rather, this a collection of bands inspired by the bands of the 1960s who frequented and made the walls rattle in those clubs.

That boils down to the UK’s ‘finest garage rock bands’, each showcasing a track to sell themselves to you on this 13-track compilation. If you want to know just who is here, see the track listing below.

If it sounds like your kind of thing, you can pre-order the album now. It goes for £11.99.

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1. Liven Up by The Samuel Rogers Band
2. Shake It Down by The Monkey Gland Blues Band
3. Toxic by The Third Degree
4. Thrill Me Up by The Buns
5. Did You See Her by The Fallen Leaves
6. Bully Boy by Eight Rounds Rapid
7. Rockin’ Girl by The Get Go
8. Move Your Feet by Maker
9. CC (Love Surprise) by The Beatniks
10. This Is Sound by The Sons Of MOD
11. Booze Monkey by The Outcrowd
12. Sex & Drugs & Armed Revolution by Dave’s Doors Of Perception
13. Ejector Seat by King Mojo