New Club Soul compilations: The Wigan Casino 1973 – 81 and The Catacombs 1969 – 74

New compilations: The Wigan Casino 1973 - 81 and The Catacombs 1969 - 74
New compilations: The Wigan Casino 1973 – 81 and The Catacombs 1969 – 74
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Some of you may recall a new series of compilations that featured music from the Scene Club and the Twisted Wheel some months back. Well, that series of albums from Charly has just been boosted by volumes three and five of the Club Soul series, namely The Wigan Casino 1973 – 81 and The Catacombs 1969 – 74.

Here’s the write-up for The Catacombs Temple Street, Wolverhampton 1968 – 74 The Original Sound Of Northern Soul, Popcorn And R&B (to give it the full title).

‘The sounds hit you like a ton of dynamite and stayed with you. You remembered what you heard at The Cats. We took what had gone before, what was happening now, and set the template for what was to follow at The Torch, Wigan and beyond, and it’s still following today!’ Basil, (aka Paul Grainger, former Catacombs DJ)

The Catacombs club in Wolverhampton was one of the UK’s premier rare soul clubs. An upstairs venue, housed in an old lead smelting works, what it lacked in glamour it more than made up for in influence and during the late sixties and early seventies The Cats was responsible for introducing many future Northern Soul anthems to the UK. This new compilation collects some of the classic tracks that would have been played at the time. The 28 tracks include gems from Bobby Womack, Gene Chandler, P.P. Arnold and more.

Full tracklisting at the bottom of the page, with the album available to pre-order now.

New compilations: The Wigan Casino 1973 - 81 and The Catacombs 1969 - 74
New compilations: The Wigan Casino 1973 – 81 and The Catacombs 1969 – 74

Interestingly, there is no volume four, perhaps because volume five has been pushed along to celebrate a certain anniversary. That album is Wigan Casino Soul Club: 1973 – 81, this time a two-CD set. Write up is…

‘Wigan Casino bestrode the Northern Soul scene like a mighty colossus, creating a legend that is almost mystical today, drawing people to the music in numbers that still form the bedrock of countless all-nighters, weekenders and soul nights up and down the country. The Wigan Casino years are the golden ones, when everyone was young, when the numbers were unparalleled, when new styles of soul music were embraced and when the scene occasionally went ‘over ground’.’ Tim Brown, (author The Wigan Casino Years)

While other clubs may be able to argue they were the birth place of Northern Soul in the UK, few can claim to have the same popularity or influence as the mighty Wigan Casino. The venue became a Mecca for fans of rare, imported soul records, with a passionate, dedicated fanbase. This new compilation collects some of the classic tracks that would have been played at the time. The 28 tracks include gems from Ann Sexton, Joe Tex, Gene Chandler and more. The release also includes a bonus disc featuring a live set by Tommy Hunt, recorded at the club in 1975.

Again, full tracks below, with the album available to pre-order here.

The Catacombs 1968 – 74

1. Saxie Russell – Psychedelic Soul (part 1) – Saxie Russell
2. Johnny & Lilly – Suffering City – Johnny & Lilly
3. Bobby Womack – What Is This? – Bobby Womack
4. The Fi-dels – Try A Little Harder – The Fi-Dels
5. The Whispers – Remember Me – The Whispers
6. Five Stairsteps – Change Of Pace – Five Stairsteps
7. The Ad Libs – Nothing`s Worse Than Being Alone – The Ad Libs
8. Jerry Williams – If You Ask Me (because I Love You) – Jerry Williams
9. Joe Simon – The Girl`s Alright With Me – Joe Simon
10. Sandy Wynns – The Touch Of Venus – Sandy Wynns
11. Mill Evans – I`ve Got To Have Your Love – Mill Evans
12. Kelly Brothers – Love Time – Kelly Brothers
13. John Williams & The Tick Tocks – Do Me Like You Do Me – John Williams and The Tick Tocks
14. ‘Big’ Al Downing – Medley Of Soul – Big Al Downing
15. Bobby Jones And The Para-monts – Beware A Stranger – Bobby Jones and The Para-Monts
16. Leon Haywood – Baby, Reconsider – Leon Haywood
17. Bob Wilson – Suzy`s Serenade – Bob Wilson
18. Showmen – The Wrong Girl – The Showmen
19. Gene Chandler – Nothing Can Stop Me – Gene Chandler
20. The Du-ettes – Every Beat Of My Heart – The Du-Ettes
21. Fred Hughes – You Can`t Take It Away – Fred Hughes
22. The Neptunes – House Of Heartaches – The Neptunes
23. Victor Knight – Chinatown – Victor Knight
24. Dee Clark – That`s My Girl – Dee Clark
25. The C.o.d.`s – Michael – The C.O.D.S.
26. The Peaches – Music To My Ears – The Peaches
27. P. P. Arnold – Everything`s Gonna Be Alright – P.P. Arnold
28. Kenny Young – Ain`t It Funny What Love Can Do – Kenny Young

Wigan Casino Soul Club: 1973 – 81

Disc One:

1. Don Thomas – Come On, Train – Don Thomas
2. The Appreciations – I Can`t Hide It – The Appreciations
3. The Furys – I`m Satisfied With You – The Furys
4. Gene Chandler – Mr. Big Shot – Gene Chandler
5. Ted Ford – You`re Gonna Need Me – Ted Ford
6. Donna King – Take Me Home – Donna King
7. Maurice Williams & Zodiacs – Being Without You – Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
8. The Zodiacs – Don`t Ever Leave Me – The Zodiacs
9. Johnny Dynamite – The Night The Angels Cried – Johnny Dynamite
10. The Jerms – I`m A Teardrop – The Jerms
11. The Ringleaders – Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love – Ringleaders
12. Little Richie – Just Another Heartache – Little Richie
13. The Inspiration – Your Wish Is My Command – The Inspiration
14. Lydia Marcelle – It`s Not Like You – Lydia Marcelle
15. Blanch Carter – Halos Are For Angels – Blanch Carter
16. Skull Snaps – I`m Your Pimp – Skull Snaps
17. Bags – It`s Heavy – Bags
18. Little Johnny Blair – Momma`s Gone – Little Johnny Blair
19. Joe Tex – Show Me – Joe Tex
20. The Fabulettes – Screamin` And Shoutin` – The Fabulettes
21. The Combinations – What `cha Gonna Do – The Combinations
22. The C.o.d.`s – She`s Fire – The C.O.D.S.
23. Gene Latter – Sign On The Dotted Line – Gene Latter
24. Ron Holden – I`ll Forgive And Forget – Ron Holden
25. The Ohio Players – Love Slipped Thru My Fingers – The Ohio Players
26. Ann Sexton – You Got To Use What You Got – Ann Sexton
27. Tommy Hunt – Loving On The Losing Side (live) – Tommy Hunt
28. The Gentrys – Why Should I Cry – The Gentrys

Disc Two:

1. Tommy Hunt – I Can`t Turn You Loose – Tommy Hunt
2. Tommy Hunt – Get Ready – Tommy Hunt
3. Tommy Hunt – My Girl – Tommy Hunt
4. Tommy Hunt – Knock On Wood – Tommy Hunt
5. Tommy Hunt – Never Can Say Goodye – Tommy Hunt
6. Tommy Hunt – Help Me Make It Through The Night – Tommy Hunt
7. Tommy Hunt – Crackin` Up – Tommy Hunt
8. Tommy Hunt – Baby I Need Your Loving – Tommy Hunt

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