New edition of The Who album Sell Out

The Who's revelatory 1967 album Sell Out is to be reissued again on double-CD as a 'Deluxe Edition'.The who on mojo

So what do you get this time around? Remastering is done from both the original stereo and mono masters – the mono mix being unavailable since the first time around in 1967. Eleven previously unreleased songs/jingles/mixes are included, most notably an early version of 'Summertime Blues' and instrumental 'Sodding About'. Initial quantities are also rumoured to include a limited edition replica of the Osiris Visions poster that was packaged only with the original thousand pressings of the album.

Sell Out Deluxe Edition is released by Universal on March 16th, and is available from Amazon for £12.98 here.

In addition, the new issue of Mojo magazine out this week has a feature piece on the album, including some tasty unseen photos from the album cover shoot.


  1. oh boy this is great great news.i absolutely adore ‘the who sell out’.
    terribly underratted, but thats kind of a good thing.
    this is great news indeed
    in gonna pick up the mag right now!
    thank you

  2. ditto… the who sells out is a real classic great sarcastice lyrics, melodies, the works.. a reissue fantastic. Mojo has a great appreciation of the who their ‘roots of tommy’ issue cd is one of my all time favorites, greta mag

  3. the who sells out reissue absolutely fantastic. this is one of my favorites it has brilliant melodies/jingles, great tongue in cheek lyrics. As for mojo’s feature that magazine has a very healthy appreciation of the who, their ‘roots of tommy’ cd is one of my favorites and really gives an insight in to Townsend’s influences..

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