New mod fiction: East of Acton by Roger Marriott

New mod fiction: East of Acton by Roger Marriott
New mod fiction: East of Acton by Roger Marriott
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Paul Hallam’s Old Dog Books is certainly prolific right now, with new titles seemingly landing every month. The latest is one definitely of mod interest – East of Acton by Roger Marriott.

I’ve yet to read it, so you are going to have to make your mind up about buying based on the preview from the publisher. That is…

It’s springtime 1981. Trees on the Old Oak council estate in West London have just come out in bloom. Clive Sinclair’s ZX81 computer is in the shops, Margaret Thatcher is prime minister and Brixton is simmering, ready to explode. Ray Martin, a seventeen-year-old Mod has just made up his mind to kill someone.

East of Acton is a powerful story of a young man’s survival in an existence where alcohol dependency, drug use and casual violence are an everyday occurrence.

It’s all about getting through, but Ray Martin wants more, and his way means the right clothes, the right music and hopefully a shot at love.

106 pages and out now, it sells for £8.

Get a copy from Amazon or directly from the publisher.

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