New mod fiction: Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel (Caffeine Nights Publishing)

New mod fiction: Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel
New mod fiction: Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel
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Outside of Absolute Beginners and Alan Fletcher’s output, there used to be pretty much no mod-related fiction around. Things have changed drastically over the last few years though, with new titles appearing pretty much year on year. The latest on the shelves is Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel.

I’ll be honest and admit I know nothing about the book. I will be giving it a read in the coming weeks (and doubtless sticking up a review), but for now, you and I will have to go off the details provided by the publisher.

Which are…

The modern world, 1979. As the first waves of punk splinter into scores of new directions, a Mod renewal is bursting onto the streets of London and Chris Davis and his mates are at its epicentre. These are fast times for the new breed of modernists and the days and nights speed by in a glorious haze of pills, music, sex, gang violence and scooter fumes.

There are kicks to be had but also kicks to receive as the backstreets of Breadline Britain seethe with rival subcultures. Skinheads, Teds and football hooligans are all desperate to cut these sharp, young newcomers down to size with a blood-thirsty glee.

Chris finds love and a sense of belonging in the Mod scene but the spectre of the August Bank holiday pilgrimage to Southend is on the horizon and events are about to take a dark turn. This is the time for action.

If that ticks the boxes, the book was released yesterday and is available to order now in either paperback or in digital form for your Kindle. The paperback sells for £6.99, with the Kindle versions yours for a very affordable £1.99.

Find out about the book at the Amazon website

Find out about the Kindle version at the Amazon website

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  1. Cantdonoses

    Having seen the book on the Modculture website I thought I would give it a read and to be honest I have mixed feelings. I quite enjoyed Glory Boys and I actually polished it off in a couple of evenings, which is unheard of. Sitting back and reflecting I couldn’t help but feel I had read it before and if you change a couple of names of the main characters, and towns it becomes all too familiar.

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