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New York Times does Quadrophenia


I’ve known about this article being in production for some time, as the author gave me a call about it a while back. Now the New York Times’ feature on Quadrophenia has just been published.

It is pretty much what you expect from such an article, but well worth a read, regardless. It is published ahead of the Criterion reissue of Quadrophenia, which is out in the US this coming Tuesday. No mention of a UK release, but if you have a multi-region player, you can always get an import copy.

I get a quick word at the end, brief considering I was talking for 20 minutes. I don’t even remember saying one of the two lines I get, but to be honest, it’s just a bit of periphery to the main article anyway (and some nice publicity, I have to say).

Read it here…

Quadrophenia, Still a Flash Point for the Mods at the New York Times website

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  1. A good piece, better than most when it comes to explaining the revivalist midset, although it does little to explain the scene in general.

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