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New Bands: The Gonks

Gonks When bands go for a "period" sound, originality usually loses out. Thankfully, that’s not the case with The Gonks.

Recently featured on Acid Jazz’s new Hipsters compilation of new mod and garage acts, the band carries off its modern-day take on an authentic 60s beat sound with some style – not unlike some of Mother Earth’s finer moments or indeed the excellent Clique from a few years back.

If you haven’t yet purchased the Hipsters album, you can check the track featured on there – Just A Man – along with 3 more fine tunes over at the band’s MySpace site. And keep an eye open for them playing live in your area – from what I’ve heard so far, they’ll be well worth catching.

Find out more at The Gonks MySpace website


  1. riverside rule

    Thanks for the nice comments, I feel honoured. There’s a chance we will play in Leeds in June, probably the same weekend the “25th hour” weekender will be organized, we’re still in the proces of organizing it but we’ll keep you informed. Our next gig’s in Amsterdam the 10th of Feb.
    Check out the videoclip!!
    Cheers Rule aka R.gonk

  2. Aye, I’ve heard they’re the puppy’s privates, like!

  3. Hey, aren’t you guys and gals also on ‘Soul Like Fire’, that overlooked CD compilation of the best of today’s mod and garage bands on the newly started ROWED OUT RECORDS. I believe you are.
    (It’s still available by the way!! – )

  4. paul from belfast

    i am living proof that THE GONKS are indeed the finest band since the beatles…check them out live,a real treat,and yes the SOUL LIKE FIRE comp is excellent and the gonks track a work of art…is the money in the post colin…??!!

  5. Wow…just found this site…I’ve been a fan of The Redwalls and all the old music for a long time am… so glad I found this site because it’s leading me to great bands such as this. Simply amazing. I’m so happy right now haha! I’ll definitely be buying any recorded material I can get my hands on guys!

  6. hiya ….just a message : the new website of the gonks is
    go gonk

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