New bands wanted (again)

Why do I think I’ve been here before? Well, in the not-too-distant past I decided to feature new bands on the site, but for various reasons, this never happened.

Well…it’s about to happen….no, really it is!

To make it simple, to make it interesting and to make it fast-moving, I’ll be featuring bands in the same way as we feature the news items – with the band details and a track to get you heard. And opening your music up to the modernist public for their honest opinions. Because if you’re going to cut it, you need to hear what people really think of you.

Interested? Drop me a line as soon as possible and I’ll send tell you exactly what we want. First band will be online within the week.


  1. Figure 5 from Glasgow, playing Gotenburg weekender and Le Beat Bespoke. – to listen to 4 tracks

  2. Hey Man,
    Check out The Dog Show at and Let me know what you think.
    I’ll send a press kit across the pond if you’re interested.

  3. A 6 piece mod band from scotland playing wales, nottingham newcastle and kelso.

  4. You should have a look at, theyre not too shabby

  5. Hi, just to remind you to include us. Songs available at Gig info and release dates also on site. cheers The Culture. Long live the Mods….

  6. Craig Watson

    Immersed – 4 piece band from Glasgow, for gig info & to listen to 3 songs. cheers, Craig

  7. Andrew Fairley

    Don’t forget to include The Autumn Stone, probably the best mod tribute act on the South Coast and booked to play Southsea’s bandstand in the Summer. Not to be missed. Check them out at http://www.the

  8. Jess and Jenni

    These are four up and coming lads from Wakefield making a real impact on the mod scene. They play the likes of The Who, The Jam and the more modern sounds of Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis, pulling off the old classics in style. For more information take a look at their website, there ones to watch out for!

  9. BETAMAX – Superb three-piece mod/punk/rock band from London… Been following them for a couple of years now, and they’re now recording their first album. Definately worth checking out (I think they’re playing with the Counterfeit Kinks soon) –

  10. With all due respect to the people who have commented, it’s pretty pointless if you want your band featured. You need to get in touch with the site.

  11. Belgian rock’n roll group.
    It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

  12. Check us out, made loads of new fans when we played at Rendezvous, Wigan, last month. We do uber-hammond beat.(!)

  13. I have discoverd (and now manage) a young band, singer’s only 17.
    They are the new generation of musicians who are living the life we lead. They arre heavily into thier tunes (mainly mod) and have already had offers from 3 record labels.
    Have a listen and tell me what you think.
    (free track downloads available)
    We’re touring a bit this year – so might see you around…

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