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New Mod movie – Young Birds Fly

I’ve just been forwarded details of a new "Mod" film, under the title of Young Birds Fly, which is currently coming to the end of shooting in California and is scheduled to be released towards the end of this year. Details can be found here.

Here’s the plot summary as it was sent to me:

"Young 15-year-old Jill was a nobody. She was an extremely awkward teenager, had no friends and spoke nearly not at all. Her short life had been one loss after another until she found peace with a box of old records, a worn out a-Line dress and a Technics 1200.

32-year-old Cathy "C-Bird" Lindgreen was the Top Mod "Back in the day". Nobody really much mattered to her until she was forced to face her dark past that she thought she had walked away from. 15-year-old Jeananne was the most popular girl on campus, the top athlete on her soccer team who commanded respect from her fellow students. But she knew it was all a sham. Until a chance meeting between them would change their lives in ways they could only ever dream."

If that’s not enough, the trailer is below for you to watch. I’m sure many of you will have something to say after watching it…


  1. Luke Smith

    ewwwwww, just ewww

  2. Col Wolfe

    When Jill, Cathy & Jeananne all met for the very first time, it was moydur
    Well, no it wasn’t but it did end up in a jolly good lezzathon

  3. Jean-Marc

    This film looks so stupid it’s unbelievable … I followed the link and watched their other ‘pieces of art’ – Incredible ! Influences from huge classics and top directors don’t automatically make you a great film-maker – Otherwise I would be an outstanding musician – and I’m not.
    Another embarassing film for the mod tombstone.

  4. That’s pretty much it J-M. For reasons mainly good, the mod scene is still very much ‘hip’ to most people. However, that also makes it an easy target for anyone wanting to get some of that ‘cool’ for their film project.
    Today’s mod scene is not a good basis for a film. The mod scene of the 60s is – if done well and well-researched. That of course will never happen.

  5. Yeah have to echo those previous statements whilst adding a bit of english mustard
    This film not only has that typical over-simplified plot and characters that one is meant to have some kind of sympathy with, it is also quite square and seems to be style (with all those lovely retro trappings) over content.
    The wonder years was at least un-ashamedly nostalgic and had something to actually say.
    I therefore lift my buttock and fart in the general direction of this film.

  6. ………..I’m just confused……….so, tell me again……..it was the butler, no? Scooby!

  7. James Unger

    I think it looks fantastic. A real coming of age story that will shine a positive light on the scene. I look forward to its release!!!! Will it be showing all around California???

  8. Exactly what I expected, some rify looking birds wearing lurid lime green monstosities and trying to look all wide eyed and “60’s”
    Downright depressing.

  9. I dont know how anyone can judge this film by watching this trailer. Why dont you people wait to see the film before making up your mind. So many people ready to hate.

  10. Frankly,bizarre.And what is that awful music?
    Was encouraged to see two female leads though,so maybe all is not lost.

  11. messedabout

    truly cringe worthy…
    coming from california myself, its very much a shame.
    After school specials had more of a point.
    I’m sorry; this was as bad as that horrible NY film “american mod”. I will not wait to deride the film, by viewing it in its entirety.

  12. laziedaze

    I agree with John. Wait till it comes out before you hate. If you base your reason on a trailer then sheesh you probably miss out on some great flicks. Maybe the people behind this movie want to pay homage to a scene they love. Maybe these people are not some unknowing lame ass who saw the scene and wanted to exploit it. I can’t really say because I have not seen the movie! Yet most of you are basing your rants on a 1 min trailer and two paragraph outline of the movie. Yeah that is a lot to go on. gimme a break.
    Wait till you see the movie to make a legitimate statement. Quick to bash, no love

  13. looks like a night out with the NUT’s…
    awful clothes

  14. I’ve since discovered the track is Becks Bolero (on the b-side of Hi Ho Silver Lining).
    Still think it sounds a bit strange for a Mod film. And if you know anything at all about Mods, you’d know how demanding and picky they can be about anything relating to their own scene. It’s perfectly valid to judge what a film might be like by its trailer. I suspect a lot of this comes down to cultural differences between the US and UK. It comes across as being retro/60s rather than Mod to most of us Brits.

  15. To be honest with you I have not watched the trailer but after watching American Mod I dont think I want to. After wasting 15 minutes on the last piece of US tripe I’m not going to be bothered with this.

  16. I actually watched this film, and I thought it was really long, but pretty good for an amateur filmmaker.

  17. I understand how most Brits will criticize, but what you must understand is we American kids were not blessed with the original Mod scene that you were, we can only emulate.
    Sadly in most cases, with most American Mods, it became more superficially about the “scene” and the “look” then the true meaning of the original mods- the whole rebellion was lost because these kids HAD nothing to rebel against, most(not all of course not all) truly were whitebread middle class brats….being an American myself, I can attest to the fact that loads of American mod kids in the 80’s revival scene were privileged upper middle class kids who’s mom and dad provided all the money to buy the “gear” to “look the part” of course nullifying the whole point, whilst a lot of us working class American kids who associated with the movement could really only pull off being a semi-sharp dressed skinhead with a few key outfits and rattle can scooters at best.
    There, I’ve said it.

  18. I think you’ll find Keith Moon plays on Bolero, probably why there’s a suggested ‘mod’ link. pfft.

  19. Well, I have unfortunately seen this movie in its entirety. It was about 3 hours long! Awful! Super lezbo overtones throughout, which would have been good if the girls were cute. Please do not waste your time on this trash. This is THE worst movie I have ever seen and does not do anyone in “the scene” justice.

  20. Hector Arango

    I want to buy the film with Spanish subtitles, can you give information where i can buy it?

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